Falling in Love Again

Chuguiragua Lodge and Spa, Ecuador – For the last three weeks, I’ve felt like there has been a little rain cloud above my head. Blocking the sun out. Dampening my spirit. I couldn’t put my finger on why. STA woes. The cold temperatures. Post trip ‘What am I going to do?” worries. A negative Scottish […]

Feeling Indifferent in Ecuador

Cayambe, Ecuador – WARNING: This blog has adult content and contains more of a commentary on my current state of mind than any real insight into Ecuador itself. It’s a slight departure from what I normally write. I’m sitting in a damp and cold room in a 16th centurary hacienda, unsuccessfully trying to start a […]

Rainforest Retreat

Amazon Rainforest, Outside Tena, Ecuador – Greetings from the Amazon Rainforest!! After leaving the Galápagos Islands, I headed back it Quito for a tour of Central Ecuador, covering the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest. After a 67km public bus ride, which took a gruelling three hours, we arrived at the luxurious Termus Pallacatta. Here we had […]