Digital Nomad. Co-working. Co-living: Just what do these 21st Century Catch-phrases mean?

Technology has been a life game changer for some time.  But as we enter the 21st Century, its disruption into the way individuals work, live and play is – I believe – going to dramatically transform what my generation consider a typical job and a normal workplace.  The trend...Read More »

Attention Single Men: 10 Things to Avoid in your Dating App Pics and Profiles

Last night I accidentally stayed up several hours past my bedtime scrolling through the latest dating app I had installed on my iPhone.  It’s a mindless pastime.  Swipe left. Swipe left.  Swipe left.  Swipe left. Hum. Maybe. Swipe right.  And a depressing one too! At one point, all I could focus on...Read More »

You’ve Only Got One Life, So Love What You Do

Nearly two years ago today, I walked away from a successful career in investment banking. At that time, I was no longer happy with the life I was living. My smile had gone.  My passion for life was dead.  I realized that I was spending very...Read More »

Monday Morning Quote #3

The annual exchange of ‘Happy New Year’ emails between my friends has finally ceased.  Most were full of well wishes for the year ahead and hopefulness that 2016 will be the best ever.  When I asked one UK friend how was it to be back at...Read More »

Monday Morning Quote

I come from a family that is highly organised, maybe verging on OCD, one that likes detailed plans, spreadsheets, filing systems, order. (Only last night, my brother was sharing with me his online virtual spreadsheet that calculates the energy he generates from his home’s solar panels against the energy expended...Read More »

How Do You Build a Community When You're Single?

Mesa, AZ – I have no home.  The majority of my belongings are stuffed into a 5ft x 7ft x 8ft wooden crate, which I’m told is sitting in a large storage facility somewhere in Croydon, England.  (Croydon is a run down suburb of London.  Zone 5, I think.) My...Read More »

How Much Stuff Do We Really Need?

Phoenix, AZ, USA – When I set off as a traveller, I expected that along the way I’d see some spectacular sights, meet some amazing people, and do a few crazy, adrenalin induced activities. When I set out, I don’t think that I expected to come back changed, impacted by...Read More »

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Geneva, Switzerland – It’s another Monday morning, and I’m not headed into the office – thank God! Rather I’m sitting in a bougeoius coffee shop in the heart of Geneva. Eating my Bircher muesli and drinking a creamy flat white, that came with an artfully formed heart stamped into...Read More »

The Things I Did

It’s been one amazing year!

“I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places. The things I did. With every broken bone, I swear I lived.” (I Lived by Onerepublic.)

This has been by far...Read More »

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Cuenca, Ecuador – During my sophomore year in high school, I enrolled in a class called World History and Geography. It turned out to be one of my favourite school courses ever. It was taught by the charismatic, slightly eccentric, but lovely Mrs Meyer. She had a way of...Read More »