Attention Single Men: 10 Things to Avoid in your Dating App Pics and Profiles

Last night I accidentally stayed up several hours past my bedtime scrolling through the latest dating app I had installed on my iPhone.  It’s a mindless pastime.  Swipe left. Swipe left.  Swipe left.  Swipe left. Hum. Maybe. Swipe right.  And a depressing one too! At one point, all I could focus on was how incredibly horrible most […]

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

I’ve been waiting for this week for 14 months. The precise magical moment in Spring when Korea’s cherry trees blossom.  I had read about Korea’s abundance of cherry blossoms and the accompanying festivals shortly after I decided to move here in February 2015.  For a decade, I had longed to see them in Japan, but was […]

10 Best Brunch Spots in Daegu

Brunch.  That one word conjures up a myriad of emotions and images.  Lazy Sundays.  Endless cups of coffee.  Long chats with friends.  Scrambled eggs.  Crispy bacon.  Freshly baked bread.  A leisurely weekend brunch is one of my guilty pleasures. So for the past nine months, I’ve been seeking out all the establishments in Daegu that […]

6 Korean Foods You Must Eat

Korean cuisine hasn’t hit the world stage yet, but it is growing in popularity.  I’ve recently heard of restaurants popping up in Charlotte, North Carolina and London, England.  My guess is that you are likely to give it a miss if you aren’t actually visiting the country, but if you do make it to Korea […]