The Best Hiking Loop at Apsan Mountain

Ok, I confess.  The title is a misleading.  Well sort-of.  Technically, I’ve only hiked one loop at Apsan Mountain, but I thought it was pretty good so I am calling it the best.

Last week, I ventured to the Southern part of Daegu to see the city’s largest...Read More »

Pilgrimmage to Gatbawi

Top of the ‘Must-See’ list in Daegu is a hike up the rocky cliff of Gwanbong Peak in Palgongsan to see Gatbawi, a 13ft tall stone statue of Buddha that has a flat rock (‘bawi’) on its head that looks like a traditional Korean hat (‘gat’). ...Read More »

Vortexes, Pizza and Beer

Sedona, AZ – I sat on the cool red rock, double shot latte in hand, and waited for the heat of the sun – and the coffee for that matter – to bring some warmth into my body.  It had been months since I...Read More »