The Neon Boneyard of Las Vegas

Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without its oversized lighted signage adorning every hotel and shop.  Towering over 12 feet in height the neon lights of yesteryear have sadly been replaced by more friendly LED lighting. However, if you head to downtown you can still admire the artwork of...Read More »

A 24-Hour Mountain Biking Mirage in the Sonoran Desert

Oracle, AZ –  As our wheels rolled down the straight path of Arizona Highway 79, the desolation was overly apparent. There is no perceptible life in this part of the Sonoran Desert. To the left and the right of the black tarmac, all one could...Read More »

Carved from Arizona Nature: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Scottsdale, Arizona – The square symbol carved into the rock at the entrance reminded me of an areal view of an English hedge maze.  The lines twisted at right angles in on themselves, tighter towards the centre and opening out towards the edges. The indigenous...Read More »

Vortexes, Pizza and Beer

Sedona, AZ – I sat on the cool red rock, double shot latte in hand, and waited for the heat of the sun – and the coffee for that matter – to bring some warmth into my body.  It had been months since I...Read More »

Duelling in Tuscon

Tucson, AZ – My fists were up, ready to fight.  The cowboy was squared off in front of me, only a few inches away. He was a young, muscular lad, barely 23. Very handsome too with blue eyes, a cheeky personality and a perfect set of gleaming...Read More »