Mendosa Township Tour

Swakopmund, Namibia – Before we left Swakopmund today, we spent the morning visiting the Mendosa township 1km from town. To understand townships, you must first understand the history of Namibia. Originally, a German colony, the South African government took control in 1945. Under the...Read More »

Cape To Dunes - Part #2

Near Walvis Bay, Namibia- Having now spent several more days in Namibia, I wish reclassify my definition of this being a country of nothingness. This is a country overflowing in abundance. What this country does lack though is people, with a population of only 3 Million;...Read More »

Cape to Dunes - Part #1

Near Fish River Canyon in Nambia – We crossed the border into Nambia yesterday. This is the Africa I’ve longed to see. Vast areas of sand and nothingness. No people. No trees. No mammals. No buildings. No telephone poles. Nothing but sand and the...Read More »