Gam Wine Tunnel

I love wine.  I mean really, who doesn’t? So, when I discovered that there was a winery in Korea – on the outskirts of Daegu –  that produced a speciality wine from persimmon fruit, I had to try it. My expectations were low though,...Read More »

Getting Naked in Daegu: My First Jjimjilbang Experience

My life philosophy is collect experiences, not stuff. Yet with just one month left on my English teaching contract in Daegu South Korea, I still hadn’t ventured to a jjimjilbang.  A jjimjilbang has various places for you to indulge in hot tubs and saunas.  Sounds great right?...Read More »

5 Best Coffee Shops in Daegu

There certainly isn’t a shortage of coffee shops in Daegu.  I recently counted 47 different establishments where I could grab a morning latte in the 15-minute walk between the front of my apartment building and the doorstep of my workplace.  Forty-seven! Admittedly, some...Read More »

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

I’ve been waiting for this week for 14 months. The precise magical moment in Spring when Korea’s cherry trees blossom.  I had read about Korea’s abundance of cherry blossoms and the accompanying festivals shortly after I decided to move here in February 2015. ...Read More »

10 Best Brunch Spots in Daegu

Brunch.  That one word conjures up a myriad of emotions and images.  Lazy Sundays.  Endless cups of coffee.  Long chats with friends.  Scrambled eggs.  Crispy bacon.  Freshly baked bread.  A leisurely weekend brunch is one of my...Read More »

Explore Korea's Traditional Village of Hahoe, Andong

There are a number of traditional walled villages in Korea where you can glimpse  centuries old hanok homes; however, Hahoe Village in Andong is one of the most authentic.  It’s also only one of two in the country that boasts UNESCO World Heritage...Read More »

6 Korean Foods You Must Eat

Korean cuisine hasn’t hit the world stage yet, but it is growing in popularity.  I’ve recently heard of restaurants popping up in Charlotte, North Carolina and London, England.  My guess is that you are likely to give it a miss if you aren’t actually visiting the country,...Read More »

Exploring Korean's Silla Dynasty in Gyeongju

Gyeongju, South Korea –

While most expats seized the five day break of Chuseok (Thanksgiving) as an opportunity to escape Korea, I choose to remain in Daegu and nest. I had unexpectedly found myself in the US and England the previous three weekends,...Read More »

The Best Hiking Loop at Apsan Mountain

Ok, I confess.  The title is a misleading.  Well sort-of.  Technically, I’ve only hiked one loop at Apsan Mountain, but I thought it was pretty good so I am calling it the best.

Last week, I ventured to the Southern part of Daegu to see the city’s largest...Read More »

Escaping Daegu at the top of Apsan Mountain

In need of some nature and some head space, I decided to venture out to Apsan Mountain. Billed as the largest natural park in Daegu it did not disappoint. The bus trip on the 410 from my home base in north Daegu (Bukgu) to Apsan...Read More »

Busing it to Busan Just to See the Sea

One thing that I did not appreciate when I decided to take a day trip to Busan was just how big the port city was.  Yes, I knew that it was Korea’s second largest city with just over 3.5 million people, but I’m from...Read More »

Pilgrimmage to Gatbawi

Top of the ‘Must-See’ list in Daegu is a hike up the rocky cliff of Gwanbong Peak in Palgongsan to see Gatbawi, a 13ft tall stone statue of Buddha that has a flat rock (‘bawi’) on its head that looks like a traditional Korean hat (‘gat’). ...Read More »

How to Order at a Korean BBQ Restaurant

The first thing that you should know about most Traditional Korean BBQ restaurants is that the menus are all in Hangul and the waitresses don’t speak English.  So, if you fancy trying a Korean BBQ Restaurant either learn how to speak Korean real quick,...Read More »