Digital Nomad. Co-working. Co-living: Just what do these 21st Century Catch-phrases mean?

Technology has been a life game changer for some time.  But as we enter the 21st Century, its disruption into the way individuals work, live and play is – I believe – going to dramatically transform what my generation consider a typical job and a normal workplace.  The trend is in fact, already there, it […]

Monday Morning Quote #2

Maybe you’ve wondered why I choose to post a quote on the first day of the traditional working week. It’s because by the end of my corporate career, I absolutely hated Monday mornings. I started to dread them as early as Saturday night. Thoughts of ‘Ugh, only one more day of freedom before I’m back […]

Spotting the Big Five

Etosha National Park, Namibia – More like Giraffes and Rhinos and Zebras, Oh my! We are just leaving Etosha National Park, a massive 22,000 square kilometre game reserve in Northern Namibia. It would take you a week to thoroughly explore all the roads in this park. We just had a day and a half. Don’t be […]

Feeling Indifferent in Ecuador

Cayambe, Ecuador – WARNING: This blog has adult content and contains more of a commentary on my current state of mind than any real insight into Ecuador itself. It’s a slight departure from what I normally write. I’m sitting in a damp and cold room in a 16th centurary hacienda, unsuccessfully trying to start a […]