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The Neon Boneyard of Las Vegas

Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without its oversized lighted signage adorning every hotel and shop.  Towering over 12 feet in height the neon lights of yesteryear have sadly been replaced by more friendly LED lighting. However, if you head to downtown you can still admire the artwork of some of the most iconic signs of the […]

Digital Nomad. Co-working. Co-living: Just what do these 21st Century Catch-phrases mean?

Technology has been a life game changer for some time.  But as we enter the 21st Century, its disruption into the way individuals work, live and play is – I believe – going to dramatically transform what my generation consider a typical job and a normal workplace.  The trend is in fact, already there, it […]

Attention Single Men: 10 Things to Avoid in your Dating App Pics and Profiles

Last night I accidentally stayed up several hours past my bedtime scrolling through the latest dating app I had installed on my iPhone.  It’s a mindless pastime.  Swipe left. Swipe left.  Swipe left.  Swipe left. Hum. Maybe. Swipe right.  And a depressing one too! At one point, all I could focus on was how incredibly horrible most […]