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  Malawi, Africa – We must be quite a sight to the locals in our big overland white truck, for every village we passed in Zambia and Malawi, the villagers would always stop and stare as we passed.  Many even waved and shouted hello. Nambia and Botswana were sparsely populated, with long stretches of just desert […]

Sunrise, Sunset

Between the Okavango Delta, Botswana and Livingstone, Zambia – One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about travelling is getting the opportunity to see so many sunrises and sunsets. For a large part of the year, during my working days in London, I was in the office during those magical hours. Admittedly, I haven’t enjoyed the […]

Deserts and Deltas

Northern Botswana – Botswana is flat. Super flat. With the only perceptible hills being the several metres high grey termite mounds that dot the landscape. It is also incredibly green. Acacia trees and leafy bushes create a dense low lying growth as far as the eye can see. This Is the Kalahari Desert apparently, although it’s […]