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Cape to Dunes – Part #1

Near Fish River Canyon in Nambia – We crossed the border into Nambia yesterday. This is the Africa I’ve longed to see. Vast areas of sand and nothingness. No people. No trees. No mammals. No buildings. No telephone poles. Nothing but sand and the occasional bush. (One which our guide told us was dangerously acidic, and […]

The Woodstock Project

Cape Town, South Africa – A commonality among all the countries I’ve traveled to is the proliferation of street art. Ive found it hidden on a crumbling side street wall in a remote village on the small traditional island of Lombak. A sketch of a black spider, caught in a web. In Quito, graffiti artists have […]

Falling in Love Again

Chuguiragua Lodge and Spa, Ecuador – For the last three weeks, I’ve felt like there has been a little rain cloud above my head. Blocking the sun out. Dampening my spirit. I couldn’t put my finger on why. STA woes. The cold temperatures. Post trip ‘What am I going to do?” worries. A negative Scottish […]