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Feeling Indifferent in Ecuador

Cayambe, Ecuador – WARNING: This blog has adult content and contains more of a commentary on my current state of mind than any real insight into Ecuador itself. It’s a slight departure from what I normally write. I’m sitting in a damp and cold room in a 16th centurary hacienda, unsuccessfully trying to start a […]

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Cuenca, Ecuador – During my sophomore year in high school, I enrolled in a class called World History and Geography. It turned out to be one of my favourite school courses ever. It was taught by the charismatic, slightly eccentric, but lovely Mrs Meyer. She had a way of livening up the subject that kept me […]

Rainforest Retreat

Amazon Rainforest, Outside Tena, Ecuador – Greetings from the Amazon Rainforest!! After leaving the Galápagos Islands, I headed back it Quito for a tour of Central Ecuador, covering the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest. After a 67km public bus ride, which took a gruelling three hours, we arrived at the luxurious Termus Pallacatta. Here we had […]